Westside Promise Neighborhood Profile


Commissioned by the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County on behalf of a broader partnership, this Westside Promise Neighborhood Profile presents quantitative data to inform planning for a Westside Promise Neighborhood. As described in greater detail in the Technical Notes, the Neighborhood Profile draws on reliable state and local datasets to paint a quantitative picture of area characteristics and of the strengths of and challenges faced by the children and families who live there. The data presented here are intended to complement and inform community voice emerging from the qualitative data and critical conversations held with neighborhood families and partner agencies like San Antonio Independent School District.

The Neighborhood Profile is organized into five topical sections:

Physical Characteristics and Population;
Households and Families;
Employment, Income, and Poverty;
Education; and
Health and Safety.

A supplementary Technical Notes section provides reference maps, notes on data sources, and cautions.

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2011 - 2016

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